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Women are amazing. Women over 40 are amazing and then some.  

This personal project is showcasing 40 incredible women all over the age of 40 who are doing incredible things for womankind.

I am photographing women who inspire me, many of whom are speaking up for the issues we face.  There is a strong focus on those who are shining a light on midlife and the menopause, making this word less of a taboo and guiding other women through this turbulent time.  But there are many more equally amazing women being photographed too.

I want people to see a set of beautiful, strong women and feel inspired.  I want young girls to see the photos and get excited about their futures, but mostly I want to say thank you to these women who are showing the world every single day that being over 40 really is just the beginning of something incredible. 

I will be updating this page as I go along so don't forget to check in every so often to see who's next to be featured. I will also be posting on my instagram pages @jennysmithphoto and @dearhormones as well as Jenny Smith Photography on Facebook. 


About Me


Jenny BirthdayJenny Birthday


This was me on my 49th birthday, 9 years into the perimenopause.   The fact that my computer puts a red wiggly spelling line underneath that word with ‘no guesses’ as to what I could actually mean is telling. 

The red wiggly line was how I felt for many of those years, wondering what the hell was happening to me as I started getting daily headaches, waking up at 3am, forgetting why I’d walked into rooms, trailing off at the end of sentences, and worse of all getting so angry at my young son who did absolutely nothing to deserve it.  And all of this time I was running my own business, helping to care for my terminally ill father-in-law, running a household and keeping up with the toing and froing that comes with having a child in primary school. 

It was only after I stumbled across a podcast that I realised what was going on and took myself off to the doctors for HRT. And I only got prescribed that HRT because the GP in question acknowledged that I knew more about the subject than she did. Thank you Liz Earle for that life changing podcast.

Knowing what I know now about the effects of the menopause and the daily challenges that women in their mid-life experience, I have decided to shine a light on 40 incredible women in the only way I feel qualified to do so. And that is by taking their photograph. 


The Podcast


WhatsApp Image 2021-09-23 at 14.10.58WhatsApp Image 2021-09-23 at 14.10.58


Earlier in 2021 I launched a podcast called Dear Hormones with my friend Kate Bauss where women write in telling us about the times their hormones have got the better of them, be it puberty, PMT, pregnancy or the menopause.  

It's light hearted but with a serious message.  I am passionate about women speaking up about their issues, to make topics such as periods and the menopause less of a taboo and wanted to do my bit in allowing women to talk openly about the things they may have said or done whilst under the influence of their hormones.  It has certainly helped me to share some of the shameful things I said and did before I started taking HRT.

I felt lost at sea when my perimenopausal symptoms struck until I found a podcast explaining what was happening to me. Dear Hormones is my way of helping other women feel less alone on their hormonal journey and hopefully help them recognise their menopausal symptoms sooner than I did and get help.


Click on the images below to read more about these wonderful women who have agreed to take part in the 40 OVER 40 project.  More photos will be added as I go along so keep checking in to see who's next to be featured.




Emma Kennedy

Author and Screenwriter

Click on the photo of Emma to read all about her and see more photos


Emma Kennedy by Jenny SmithEmma Kennedyby Jenny Smith


Zoe Lyons


Click on the photo of Zoe to read all about her and see more photos


Zoe Lyons by Jenny SmithZoe Lyonsby Jenny Smith



Kate Muir

Journalist, Author, Producer, Women's Health Expert

Click on the photo of Kate to read all about her and see more photos

Kate MuirKate Muir by Jenny Smith



Dr Shahzadi Harper

Menopause and Women's Health Doctor

Click on the photo of Shahzadi to read all about her and see more photos


Dr Shahzadi Harper by Jenny SmithDr Shahzadi Harperby Jenny Smith



Ngozi Fulani

CEO and founder of Sistah Space

Click on the photo of Ngozi to read all about her and see more photos


Ngozi Fulani by Jenny SmithNgozi Fulaniby Jenny Smith



Sue Kent

TV Presenter, Gardener, Speaker

Click on the photo of Sue to read all about her and see more photos


Sue Kent 29Sue Kent 29



Tracy Brabin

Mayor of West Yorkshire

Click on the photo of Tracy to read all about her and see more photos

Tracy Brabin by Jenny SmithTracy Brabin by Jenny SmithTracy Brabin by Jenny Smith




Dr Liz O'Riordan

Breast Cancer Thriver and Motivational Speaker 

Click on the photo of Liz to read all about her and see more photos


Liz O'RiordanDr Liz O'RiordanBy Jenny Smith


Diane Danzebrink

Menopause Warrior

Click on the photo of Diane to read more about this incredible woman


Diane DanzebrinkDiane Danzebrinkby Jenny Smith



Jennifer Kennedy

Menopause Blogger

Click on image to view more photographs and read some wise words from Jen

Jennifer KennedyJennifer Kennedyby Jenny Smith



Elizabeth Day  

Podcaster, Author, Journalist

Click on Elizabeth's image to read some truly inspiring words of wisdom and to view more photos


Elizabeth DayElizabeth Dayby Jenny Smith



Michelle Griffith Robinson

Olympian and Life Coach

Click on image to view more photos and read all about Michelle

Michelle Griffith Robinson05Michelle Griffith Robinsonby Jenny Smith



Carolyn Harris, MP

Click on the image to read more about Carolyn and view more photographs

Carolyn Harris MP 02Carolyn Harris MPby Jenny Smith



Dr Naomi Potter

Click on image to read more about Naomi and view more photographs

Naomi Potter09Dr Naomi Potter



Emma Skeates - The Menopausal Mayhem Mother

Click on image to read more about Emma

BeFunky-collageMenopausal Mayhem Mother