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What To Expect



Lots of people ask me what to expect during their photo session and so I've compiled this little Q&A which hopefully covers all the basics. If you would like to know anything else though, please do get in touch by dropping me an EMAIL.


  • Where do your sessions take place?

All my sessions take place at your home or out and about on location somewhere.  This could be a local park or woodland, or even in an alleyway next to your house, anywhere really.  If you have a favourite location, let me know and we'll go there, I love exploring new places and by doing this we'll get a great set of shots. 


  • Will my house be big enough?

Newborn and Babies

Yes!  I get this question a lot.  The photo above was taken in a VERY small one bed flat.  The lovely blurry background was their little kitchenette and behind me was a window. As long as there's sufficient natural light then I'm good to go.  Out of interest, this photo was taken with Dad crouching behind the chair that she's lying on holding on to the other side of his baby daughter.


  • Do I need to tidy up?


Absolutely not.  If you look at my photos, many of them are close up shots of the kids with lovely blurry backgrounds.  Those backgrounds are quite often what my clients would consider clutter or mess, but to me clutter just makes for a gorgeous colourful and interesting background.  If I need to clear a space I'll do it as we go along.


  • What should we wear?


I think the best bit of advice is to be yourselves and be comfortable.  If you take a look at my gallery pages you'll see that my photos tend to be quite relaxed and informal and as such most of my clients tend to dress this way.  Steer clear of big logos or character tops as these can be distracting and can also really date a photo.  Colour wise, co-ordination is the key but that does NOT mean matching.  Just make sure that you all complement each other, and that you're dressed in the same style (either all casual, or if you prefer all smart). Accessories look amazing so if you've got a favourite scarf or a funky piece of jewelery then don't be afraid to wear them.  I especially love accessories on kids too, so headscarves, bangles, hats, they all look fab in photos.


Get a couple of outfit changes ready for the children too so that we get a nice bit of variety in the shots.



  • You're photographing my newborn, what do I need to know?

If I'm photographing your new baby then I always ask that you keep to hand any nice baby blankets, hats and special toys, teddies or presents that we may be able to use in the photos. If they have any outfits that you love then get those out too, but to be honest I tend to photograph newborns with very little on!  If you have any white bed linen then pop that on your bed as it really helps to bounce the light around the room, and can also be a great location for some family shots.

Newborn sessions can take a long time, often around 4 hours.  This is because there is lots of stopping and starting due to feeds, nappy changes and generally settling them down.

I have a selection of little hand knitted baby hats that I can bring with me (see above for my Christmas offering), but I always try to use things personal to the client in the first instance. It's very important that the property is nice and warm so that your little one doesn't get cold.  As I said I will be photographing them with very little on so we need to make sure they stay nice and cosy.


  • What happens when you arrive?

Newborn and Babies

If we're shooting at your house then the first thing I'll do when I arrive is to have a good look around the whole property.  Upstairs, downstairs, bathrooms, outside, the lot.  I'm looking for the best rooms for the light, I don't bring studio lighting with me so I depend on the natural light on the day.  It might be that I decide to set up in a room that you least expect, but if the light is good in there then we'll get some lovely images.  I may also need to move the odd bit of furniture around too - that's the laundry basket from the bedroom upstairs in the shot above.


  • How long will a session take?

Usually around one to two hours for a standard family photo shoot, but newborns take much longer.  If you have booked a newborn session with me then please block out at least four hours of your day, as we will have to stop and start a lot due to feeds, nappy changes and generally settling them down.


  • What if my child is poorly?

If you or your child/children are poorly then I urge you to postpone the session.  All I ask is that you give me as much notice as you possibly can.  If however you wake up on the morning of the shoot with sick kids then PLEASE call me and we will definitely rearrange the session, there's nothing worse than working with poorly children, it will be awful for them and you will end up with a disappointing set of photos.  We want happy, smiley people!


  • What if it's bad weather? 


As I am a natural light photographer my sessions are very much dependent on the weather.  I may well need to postpone a shoot if the light isn't good enough.  Sometimes I will have to rearrange on the day itself, sometimes if we're having a run of bad weather then I'll be able to give more notice.  Again, this is to ensure that you get the best possible photographs out of your session with me.  If I'm photographing your newborn baby, this will be done inside and at home and so it's very rare that we need to change the date.  However poor lighting conditions outside may mean that we have to set up very close to a window to maximise the light.  The photo above was taken on one of the dullest, darkest, foggiest days EVER.  We simply set up a little working space as close to the window as possible and ended up with some gorgeous shots.


  • What happens after my session?

I will go away and edit the best photos from the day - this usually takes around 2 weeks. I will then send you a link to a private page on my website which will allow you to choose what prints and products you would like to order. I always show your photos in both colour and black and white.  Your link will remain live for 10 days to enable you to make your choices.   07527 711 967