Jenny Smith Photography | Muswell Hill Family Photography - Fun in the Woods

Muswell Hill Family Photography - Fun in the Woods

January 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This was one of those perfect days for photography.  I beautiful crisp winter's day where the low sun makes everything look more vibrant.

I've photographed this family a few times now and the photos are always a pleasure to edit because they're all just SO photogenic.  They're also a family who make me feel ever so slightly guilty because they always get the photos in frames and up on the wall almost straight away which I need to get much better at.  You'd think doing the job that I do that my house would be full of framed images, but I sometimes get so carried away with other people's photos that I forget to take the time to do my own.  I'm getting better though, I've managed to do three frames recently and I have more plans this year.

Anyway, back to this delightful family.  We started off at their home where I got some gorgeous pics of the kids laughing and joking around in the living room.  Because it was a lovely sunny day the giant mirror in the living room really bounced the light around beautifully and created a gorgeous backdrop.  We then headed out to Coldfall Woods in Muswell Hill which is when the crisp winter's day really came into its own.  There's nothing better than a sunny wood in the winter for photography.  I love the shapes the branches on the trees make in the background and as I said before, the low sun gives such a richness to the shots.

Here's a selection of some of my faves from the day.





The way the light is bouncing off the mirror is just gorgeous!

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Below is the reaction you get when you tell a child that a bird once pooed on your head.




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