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Hampstead Barmitzvah - North London Event Photographer

September 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I don't really photograph Barmitzvahs nowadays simply because I tend to focus on my family portraits and headshot work.  But, I can be persuaded, and this is one of those families who were too much fun to refuse.

I've worked with the mother of this handsome young chap before, when she and her business partner (also a client) booked me to photograph six dogs wearing their gorgeous handmade dog tags.  Well, talk about a funny shoot, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard on a job.

So I knew this Barmitzvah would be a good laugh, especially when she phoned me up to say she was coming to the party dressed as the mad hatter.  Dad is a self confessed serial poser too, absolutely hilarious and together with his wife made for some seriously good (and different) portraits. 

Here's a selection of photographs I took of the family prior to the party.  I think you'll see why I didn't mind being persuaded to take this job on!


Daniel Portrait_04Daniel Portrait_04


It's not every family who would agree to burst through a fire escape!


Daniel Portrait_46Daniel Portrait_46


Daniel Portrait_56Daniel Portrait_56


Daniel Portrait_29Daniel Portrait_29


Daniel Portrait_02Daniel Portrait_02


Daniel Portrait_15Daniel Portrait_15  


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