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Twins - Muswell Hill Family Photography

June 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Just look at these two.  They were the cutest little things ever and were in a great mood from the very start.  So much so that I just got my camera out immediately and starting snapping away.

This age group can vary so much mood wise. Some are really shy, some can be a bit grumpy, some are over excited, some are stubborn and refuse to acknowledge you (all part of the fun) but these twins were nothing but willing and happy the entire time.  I always feel so lucky when this happens as, being a mum myself, I'm more than used to all the previous adjectives!

This family live in a beautiful house with white washed walls and a lovely big garden, so I had plenty of gorgeous locations to use as I followed the little ones around.

One of the biggest challenges in my job is photographing children together.  Getting two or more children to not only sit together, but look at the camera at the same time whilst all smiling or looking cute (or rather, not pulling a silly face, blinking or crying) can be difficult to say the least.  But no such trouble with this pair, they were literally a dream come true from start to finish!


Siena and James_003Siena and James_003


Siena and James_033Siena and James_033


Siena and James_059Siena and James_059


Siena and James_034Siena and James_034


Siena and James_105Siena and James_105


Siena and James_055Siena and James_055


Siena and James_021Siena and James_021




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