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Cool Cars and Headshots - Business Portraits in London

May 11, 2014  •  1 Comment

As I always say on here, I love taking headshots and this job was no exception.  This is the gorgeous Torie Campbell, a TV presenter who does a lot of work in the motor racing industry.  So we decided to do the shoot at Mercedes Benz World to reflect her very cool job. 

Now, I have to confess that I'm not a car person, at all.  But this place was incredible and I'm actually thinking of going back with my son so that I can have an even better look around. It's an absolutely stunning building across three floors with some really beautiful cars to look at, and that's from someone who isn't interested in cars! The most exciting of which was a beautiful 1960s white convertible that belonged to Peter Sellers.

And even better than that, we were allowed to get in it! A huge thank you goes out to the lovely people at Mercedes Benz World for allowing that to happen.

The first photograph is my favourite. Torie's styling really suits the car and thanks to her natural ability in front of the camera we got this gorgeous, relaxed image.  Plus, thanks to a bit of cropping, you wouldn't know we were sitting in a car showroom.

My individual headshot packages include 8 high resolution images, so I thought I'd post 8 images on here to demonstrate the variety of shots that come with the package.  It's also worth noting that each headshot is completely bespoke to that particular client.  We'll have a chat beforehand to discuss what you need to convey in the photos and come up with a location to reflect that.  We usually do 2 or 3 outfit changes too to give some variety to the final images.

Torie_29Torie_29 Torie_13Torie_13 Torie_24Torie_24 Torie_12Torie_12 Torie_15Torie_15 Torie_07Torie_07 Torie_21Torie_21 Torie_27Torie_27  


Fantastic photos Jenny! x
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