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October 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

This little baby girl was 6 weeks old, much older than my standard newborn photographs which I usually take within the first two weeks. 

The difference with this age group is simply that they are generally much harder to settle down and get into lovely curled up positions.  However, I'm happy to take them on as long as the parents know that the end result will be a bit different to my usual newborn images.  And by different, I don't mean worse.  In fact, the joy of photographing this age is that you get some lovely little smiles and a lot more character in their faces.

Anyway, with this session, we managed to get a few sleepy shots of her curled up on her own but my absolute favourite images were a series we took snuggled up with her mummy, skin to skin, one of which you can see here, so quiet and intimate.

These clients have booked me to document her first year, so the next time I'll meet her will be around the 6 month mark when she will be sitting up on her own. Then our last shoot together will be when she's running around and keeping me on my toes!  I can't wait.  



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