Choosing Your Photos




The link in the email will direct you to a password protected viewing site, which will allow you to choose your favourites and send your selection directly to me.  It is pretty user friendly, but here's a quick run down of what to do.


1. Click on the link and enter your password and then create an account by logging in.  The 'login' tab is at the top right.  This ensures that your selections are saved each tie you view the photos.


2. You will be directed to the thumbnail page.  The view the photos bigger either hit the 'slideshow' tab, or click on the first thumbnail to enlarge the image. You can then scroll through the photos.  You can go back to the thumbnail page at any time by clicking the album title at the top left of the page (usually the name of your family or child).


3. To select the images you would like whilst in 'thumbnail view' click on 'Select Photos', then simply click on all the thumbnails that you like and hit the 'Add to Favourites' tab.


4. To select favourites when viewing them bigger simply hit 'Add to Favourites' at the top of the photo or move your mouse to the top left of the photo where you will see a few options appear including 'add to favourites'.


5.  When you are happy with your selection, you can view them by hitting the 'Favourites' tab at the very top left of the page.  When you do this you will see a tab that say 'Send to Photographer' which will send your selection to me.  Don't forget to do this bit as I won't see your selection otherwise. 


If for some reason you struggle with this system, just make a note of the file names that you want file names are directly underneath each image) and email then to me instead.


HERE is my comprehensive products and prices page.


If you decide to go for one of the digital file packages, the black and white versions will also be included. 


Happy choosing!