Purchasing Prints


Daniel Party_084Daniel Party_084



Purchasing prints online via Jenny Smith Photography is pretty straightforward.

When you click on your link and enter your password you will be taken to a thumbnail view of all the photographs (there's an option on there to 'show all' the thumbnails on one page if you wish).

You can enlarge the thumbnail at any time by clicking on it.  To return to thumbnail view click on the gallery title 'Daniel Barmitzvah'.  

In thumbnail view you will see a tab that says 'Select Photos'. 

Click on 'Select Photos' and then click on all the thumbnails that you would like to purchase. 

If you change your mind just click on the thumbnail again to deselect.

When you've done that, hit the 'buy' button and then choose 'select product' in the drop down menu. 

This will take you to a page which enables you to choose what size print you would like and whether you would like it in matte or glossy. 

Once you've done that simply follow the instructions to purchase the prints.