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Hi I'm Lucas and I'm 6 years old in this picture.  I really like at school choosing stuff like drawing and junk modelling.  I love to go to my Grandma's house and especially when my cousin's are there.  Their names are Max and Sam.  Here is a photo of them.

This is Sam...

JPS_4825 copy And this is Max...

JPS_4837 copy

My eyes are hazel and my hair is blonde. 

My favourite friends at school are Finn and Oscar because Finn likes playing Everything Attached To Everything and it's basically everything attached to Star Wars, Ben 10, and all of the cool stuff.  I like Oscar because when I was four we had only just met and at the park we played Octonaughts and were friends ever since.

JPS_5706 copy And now I'm on the South Bank.  Here I am sitting on a step in the skate park.  There was a very big wall that I jumped off.

Max and Sam  were there on that day.


At my house I have something called the Moomin diary we all know what that means, I cant show a picture.


My year 2 teacher is called Miss Farrar.  She's a really nice teacher to have because she does all the fun things like guided reading when you can go to the library and pick a book and rent it for a week. This is a photo of her just so you know what she looks like:





In December 2013 we did a school play called Oliver.  I was an urchin and here are some pictures of us doing Consider Yourself.

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This is a girl called Evie  below.


JPS_0417JPS_0417 JPS_0414JPS_0414 JPS_0413JPS_0413 JPS_0415JPS_0415


In 2014  I did my class play, it was all about toys.  I can not upload the video because it's too big but here are some photos of me dressed as a Grandad (I don't look like one though).


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Below this writing that I've done is a picture of my friend Henry when we both turned 7.  Before I show you it, I'm going to talk you through it.  I had 16 friends at my party.  I had a film party and the film that we watched was Hotel Transylvania.  And now I can show you some photos.

This is one of my favourite photos, does it look great to you?  I like it because it's me and my friend Henry and he's a really good friend to have.



The next photo is me about to hit the pinata.  When the pinata broke we realised that it was full of sweets, pencils and rubbers.



This is me and my friend Finn below.




Year 3

Today is Monday 22 September 2014, and my topic is Groovy Greeks.  As a topic launch, the whole of year three had an Ancient Greek workshop.  One of the activities was modelling with clay, and I made a candle holder, a cup with a D on it in Greek (because it was for my Dad) and I also made a medicine for cuts.  I ground some spices and wrapped it up in a mini bag.


Here is a picture of what I looked like.  I am reading a script about The Hare and the Tortoise.


Here is a picture of my friend Henry also in the play, he is the one in the sandals and the headband.  He played the part of the fox whoe started the race between the hare and the tortoise.


There was a Greek feast with a french stick, green grapes, black and green olives (I do not like them so I didn't have any) and cubes of feta cheese.  This is a picture of me raising a glass of Ribena (which was meant to be wine) to the God of Athens.