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I Can Feel the Vibe - modern school photography in North London

January 15, 2018  •  2 Comments

For the last four years I've had the absolute pleasure of working with two schools in North London photographing all of the children, in different ways each time, for an end of year exhibition.

2017's theme was all about feeling the vibe so we decided to pose the kids with headphones and  had music blaring out during the shoot.  As you can imagine, the kids loved it.

This is the fourth year of working with the schools so the children are getting very used to seeing me around and posing in front of my camera.  In fact, many of them don't need any encouragement whatsoever, as soon as they come up to the backdrop they adopt the most incredible poses which makes me a very happy photographer indeed.  Not to mention that these children are among the coolest kids around - and incredibly polite to go with it.

I absolutely love working with them alongside the uber friendly and enthusiastic staff members.  It's easy to see why both schools have outstanding ofsted reports.

The thing I love most about this project is the way it gives the children such a boost to their self esteem.  Not only by having fun in front of the camera and making them feel special, but by seeing their image displayed at the end of year exhibition and showing them to their parents and carers.  It's a very proud moment for them.

A special shout out goes to headteacher Mr Flathers for his commitment to giving the children such varied creative experiences and the brainchild behind the whole project, to Stephanie Moritz who contacted me in the first place all those years ago, and to Michelle McDonald and Deputy Head Vicky Dawes for somehow managing to get 1400 primary school kids to turn up to their photography session on time.  Walkie Talkies are the best.

Here's a snap shot of what we managed to achieve last summer and here's to the next project in a few months time.

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Christopher Flathers(non-registered)
I love the way Jenny understands our crazy ideas! She is able to grasp how we want the children to feel about themselves. I like every child to be proud of themselves and I also like them to enjoy a special photo session. Thanks for working with us!
Stephanie Moritz(non-registered)
You always capture a true personality in your photos, Jen! Thanks for this lovely post and we look forward to having you back every year.
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