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Muswell Hill Beauty - baby photography in North London

September 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Oh my, if ever there was a baby to make you feel broody this is it. 

This little girl was so cute, with the most gorgeous smile.

I remember the day was a little bit gloomy so we set up really close to the window for most of the session.  That's not a problem with this age group as they're not crawling around yet so you can place them right in the good light.  I was also really lucky with this little thing as she was full of smiles and laughter watching her mum and dad goof around behind me.

Luckily the post had just arrived when I got there with some cute little headbands that her mum had ordered especially for the day.  Being the mother of one 9 year old boy, the opportunity to dress up a baby in pretty little accessories is a dream come true (I remember once putting a princess dress on my son when he was two and I still don't think he's forgiven me).

This is one of my favourite ages to photograph when the babies are able to lie on their tummies and hold themselves up - plus they're easily entertained.  The perfect photography session.



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