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Giddy Up - Highgate Family Photographer

December 07, 2015  •  1 Comment

I can not tell you how much I enjoyed photographing this family. 

I met them over the summer but it's taken me a little while to get up to date with all my blogging.  When we booked the job we'd been having a run of very wet weather and it was touch and go as to whether this session would go ahead or not, but thankfully the rain gods were on our side that day and we ended up getting a really fantastic set of photographs.

We met at Waterlow Park in Highgate which is one of my favourite places in North London, and managed to get a really good variety of images using all the different places around the park. 

This adorable little boy was in a brilliant mood all morning, smiling, laughing and running around all over the place. This age group can sometimes be a bit tricky to sit still so I often ask the parents to bring along some kind of prop such as a ride-along toy, or scooter which acts as a great distraction for the kids and they remain still just about long enough for me to grab a few shots. 

These guys brought along his favourite teddy, a little chair and this FANTASTIC little rocking horse.  I just knew that it would make a great photo so I switched to my long lens and headed straight to the tall grass to capture this adorable image (which is part of a set of images with his horse).

His parents have very kindly let me share one picture from our session together and although it was really hard to choose just one, I think this has to be among my favourites.






Hi Jenny,

what a beautiful blog. Thank you. We have managed to develop a couple of the photos and now they are on wall. They make a beautiful feature wall. We had a fantastic time with you, and my little boy enjoyed every second of it. You made us feel so comfortable. Looking forward to capturing more moments likes these in the future. xoxox
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